Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Quilted Artist Trading Cards Wow, a whole month. I wasn't this half-assed about posting when we were homeless. But it is summer time and I, like everyone else, have been crazy busy.
Maybe the biggest thing in my life right now is the Monkey, who at nearly 5, has suddenly grown out of his terrible twos. Nearly over night he is a sweet and pleasant child. He comes home from school with notes that say he was great, instead of phone calls explaining that he will probably be hoarse when he gets off the bus because he was screaming ALL DAY (I got those phone calls all last year. His teacher is a saint.) He was even good on the airplane from Colorado to home, listening to his MP3 player and eating Pez. This especially gives me hope, because in October Lawyerboy is deploying to Germany. It does suck that he will be gone for 6 months, but it could be way worse. We will get to see him in Germany, although we can't go the whole time (I can't take Monkey out of school and therapy for that long anyway). It is only 6 months; lots of deployments are much longer than that. He will be doing very important things in some cool places. But while my brain does a happy dance because Germany is my 3rd favorite country I've visited, my heart does a quiet little sigh.
Hmm, totally didn't mean to write lots about that. But there you have it.

Sooo, artist trading cards! Two batches from assorted swaps on Glitter. I meant to do a few more of the quilted ones, but my math sucks.


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Yay for the Monkey's progress!! :)

Those cards are beautiful, as well. :)

Alarming Female said...

you've summed up "bittersweet"