Friday, April 04, 2008

Two shirts

One cute, one utter failure. We'll start with the crappy one, so I can end on a good note.
Blahhhhhhgggg. Blue shirt, you had all the elements you needed to be cute. Except for a good pattern. With 10 separate pieces, I expected something fitted and cute; springy and a little tailored, casual enough for playgroup yet nice enough for...something nice. Yet despite a medium high neck you gap and flash to a degree that I should wear a nicer bra. The sleeves look exactly the same with my arms down as they do here with my arms up. The waist is up too high for anyone except my MIL. Pattern type/number unknown, because I threw it into the recycling yesterday when I was really pissed.

You even have saucy chartreuse lining! Damn you for not being awesome!

The other is a brown raglan tshirt, made of mysterious swimsuit like stretch fabric from Malwart. New Look #6762. Awesome! I whipped this out in an hour or so on the serger and it is fantastic. The neckband droops the tiniest bit in front, probably because I left too much seam allowance. But you would never notice it as a problem; it looks decorative.

This is probably my first really wearable shirt sewn. Hurray! I can see myself making this pattern again, maybe lots of times.

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Heather Joins The Round said...

Super, super cute!

For the next one, you could make it two or three inches shorter, and have the bottom flare out a little teeny bit, and it would look totally different.