Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yesterday, after a noisy day of mysterious peeping, we found a nest full of brand new Mockingbird chicks in our front yard.Mommy?

They are adorably hideous.
Is that you?

Holy smokes, look at those necks.

Well, do you have any bugs?
Their beaks are downright freakish.

He's actually 'smiling' for the camera
But I seem to recognize that look...


Lauren said...

How cool! They are too cute.

The Calico Cat said...

I can hear my cats now - they tell me that they are starving all the time. (not that they would know that a baby chick is edible or not, rather they would be mimicing, so that I would dole out more cat food.)
Fellow doll quilt swapper

Katherine Of It All said...

I love the quilt top! I want to make a similar one to fit my bed.

And thanks for the baby bird pic. I see that face several times a day when the little two-and-a-half-week old wants to nurse.

Trisha said...

The resemblance is uncanny!