Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Marc left for Maxwell AFB this morning. Now I'm all alone (with the Monkey of course) staying at my in-laws house.
A week ago we didn't know where he would be going and now he's gone already.

Frequently at night we would find ourselves snuggled on the couch, him playing video games, me knitting, and we would discuss quantum physics, Elvis' affect on the culture of music, how sad it is that the Pieta is behind glass in the Vatican and you can't really experience it the way Michelangelo wanted, or whatever. So I don't really feel much like knitting in the quiet tonight, even though I am quite enjoying Mim's Adamas shawl. If anyone feels like hanging out and talking while I knit though, call me. We have dozens of video games and half a container of Cookies and Cream ice cream. Snuggling optional.

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Heather Joins the Round said...

Where're you at? In Salt Lake, or with your parents in California? Teri, Katherine and I were talking about reviving our Friday knitty playgroup, but I haven't got my act together to set anything up yet. It would be great to get together with you and the Monkey!