Monday, September 18, 2006


So, a fast update because I've actually received a couple of emails wondering what happened to me. In the past couple weeks, I have:
Downsized our belongings by at least 30%
*Moved out of my deluxe apartment in the sky to my in-laws house
*Fixed a big freaking hole in their roof
*Sent off my KSKS package and had it returned by the post office with tire tracks on it...(thank goodness for insurance)
*Spent several days in the hospital after the monkey ingested about two weeks worth of his anti-seizure meds (this was absolutely horrible-they flew him in the helicopter he was going down so fast, but he is doing fine now. Kids are rubber)
*Found out Marc passed the Bar Exam, Hurray!
*Spent hours on the phone with the Pentagon getting our placement preferences etc set because Marc will be going active in 2 1/2 weeks. For months now everything has been wait wait wait, now it is HURRYHURRYHURRY! The really awesome thing is that we still don't know where we will be moving yet.
*I've even done some knitting
For a long time now I've felt like we've been dragging along slowly to our next stage, but now everything seems so sudden. We found out Marc passed the Bar on Thursday and Friday the Air Force told him to be in Alabama (for a 9 week military law class) in 2 1/2 weeks. At that point Monkey and I will load up our car and drive to California to stay with my parents while Marc is at Maxwell AFB.
For now we're running around getting things taken care of like doctor appointments and traveling back to Boise to be sworn in to the Idaho State Bar. I keep trying to think of some witty way to end this post but all the news has rather knocked me over. Peace out-


margene said...

You are really on a fast, fast roller coaster! We'll miss you but it sounds like so many good things are happening for you. Take care and don't be a stranger!

stitchnsnitch said...

I hope everything slows down and you get a nice long rest soon!

Heather Joins the Round said...

Oh, my word your life is changing fast! I'm so glad the Monkey's fine, and good job to your man for passing the bar! But mostly I hope you're able to make some time for yourself in this crazy time. Peace out indeed! All the best!