Monday, August 07, 2006


I am slowly staggering along on the Project That Would Not End, and I admit that I am beginning to have feelings of...infidelity. I'm tired of knitting away on a project that does not change in any easily perceived way. The socks I'm working on are getting a lot more attention than the shawl, absolutely due to the actual progress the sock makes. Meanwhile, the shawl hangs there, looking not unlike the string bags I carry my groceries home in. It's impossible to really even show someone who is interested, I usually end with "it's hard to tell, but someday it will be really beautiful!"
So my cheating heart is looking around seeing all these beautiful shawls (I obviously really want to work on a lace shawl, I just want one that will someday be finished. And isn't such a mindbender trying to figure how one pattern transitions into the next when you finish a row) and I admit to having feelings for a number of other patterns. Mims Adamas shawl pattern is right here, literally hanging on the wall in front of my desk. It is especially tempting because I recently bought a giant cone of Zephyr in white, and it whispers so seductively.
"I'm such a dream to knit with. You could dye me any color-you have dozens of packs of Kool-aid. You could knit right off the cone. Over 5000 yards, I'm anything you want me to be!"
Please just let me finish this thing. It has been a long time in the works.


Erin said...

I have felt like that before. I think the infidelity is natural...wait, did I just say that? Good luck with finishing.

Anonymous said...

I finally got it all together and in the mail! The good thing about it sitting around is that I kept adding to the box! Unfortunately the really cute card that I wrote explaining everything and giving you my name is in my purse :( Sorry. Post here when you get the package and I'll give you my blog address!

Can at least sign my real name~

knittykat said...

Show a picture! I only see it wadded up in a heap in a meadow, which, while gorgeously artistic, doesn't show me the shawl!

It sounds lovely and I admire your patience!

stitchnsnitch said...

I often feel torn between two yarn loves. At least we don't have to explain our infidelity to the projects!! :)