Saturday, June 18, 2011

Completed Runner

My runner top turned out great. Really not my style, but I do find the assembly of patchwork very satisfying. And it looks great at my mom's house. I even made it reversible. The patriotic side was much harder to give away than the irish chain.The quilting itself was a little shaky. A lot shaky. It was good practice though; I have two baby quilts in production that will need quilting soon. I started out trying to free motion with my fancy new Viking, but it was to smart for me. I ended up using my old Singer, which was hiding in my closet awaiting it's unknown fate after I upgraded last fall. It turns out it's fate for now is free-motion quilting; when you've worn the teeth off the feed dogs it becomes perfect for that.

1 comment:

Riz said...

Next time I'm at your place I want to try my hand at this free quilting stuff, it's intimidating!