Monday, June 07, 2010

World's Sexiest Cicada

Monkey and I have been working on some furniture for the living room, to replace the plastic bookcase that Lawyerguy loves so much. We are so close to being done! But the edge finishing just drags on and on. Instead of using the iron-on veneer, I am ripping down quarter inch pieces of oak. It looks great, but there are so many raw edges of plywood. Finally all that is left is the top of the cupboard doors.But on to my bizarre title: There is something about the hum of my table saw that brings the cicadas. Not the belt sander, not the miter saw, just the table saw. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but time after time when it spins up the big eyed insects flock to it, landing on the table. It takes IRON SELF CONTROL to not freak out when one of the little buggers lands on my neck while wrestling a sheet of plywood through the spinning blades of terror.After they are done making sweet love to my table saw, I give them to Monkey to play with.


deb said...

Sounds like the same type of super-human self control used when you're driving 70mph on the freeway and your kid starts "hurling" in the back seat : )

Lara said...

gross. (about the cicadas)
The bookshelf looks great!

J said...