Thursday, February 26, 2009

Again with the rectangles

Too windy for the quilt to hold still today My quilting kick continues. This is a throw for the RS to tie, for some good cause or another (I don't get to attend RS because I'm Monkey's teacher, so I'm fuzzy on details).
My secret confession is that I started the lattice quilt for this project, but the squares were a lot of work and it seemed a waste to tie it instead of quilting it on the machine.
I am really happy with this top; my corners match up better than anything I've done yet. Which I guess means I've finally mastered cutting things out.

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The Lamb Family said...

OK, so you were always the "Crafty" one growing up (because it certainly wasn't me) but Holy Cow! I had no idea you could make quilts like this! Beautiful! :)