Saturday, November 17, 2007


The sweater is coming along well, I am just about to start splitting it up around the arms now. Yesterday I decided I didn't like how the increases which are there to create the illusion of a girlish figure were working out. The thought of frogging down several inches made me sick (and besides, it became Fall here this week. I need this sweater!) So instead I selectively ripped the offending section. It worked out quite well; now my increases are all measured and even instead of the previous half-assed "whenever I remember them" method.Please forgive my son's filthy mirror. He is a very enthusiastic tooth brusher and face washer.
On a much scarier note, Monkey came home from school yesterday with the skip in his step that children naturally develop when they are starting a break from school. NINE DAYS. His elementary school gives its kids an entire week off for Thanksgiving. He really hasn't been in school for very long, not quite two months? But I really have come to depend on those couple of hours every morning where I don't have to worry about someone finger painting the entire living room with lipstick in the time it takes me to use the bathroom. Do all kids get a week off for Thanksgiving now, or is it just us? My number 1 "I'm thankful for..." was school before they decided to pull a fast one on me.


Erin said...

Oh, I love the new sweater! It is going to look so great. No idea on the Thanksgiving break but I sure didn't get a week when I was in school. Teachers don't get paid great but they sure have great vacation.

Heather Joins The Round said...

Wow, a whole week off for Thankgsiving! When are you supposed to get the baking done?

Sweater's looking great! When you say you ripped back selectively, do you mean you dropped and picked up, or is there something cleverer for me to learn?