Sunday, September 23, 2007


Pictures of my finished Stag bag up as soon as it is...well, finished. I can't really call it done while dripping water at the rate it currently is. With the generally high humidity here added to the tropical depression that dumped on us all week I'm all but wearing a snorkel.snappy Amy Butler paper!
Instead I will amuse you with craft done this weekend, making lemonade out of lemons. Monkey's brain keeps misbehaving so while he slept on my dark couch all postictal, I finally took a really precise profile photo of him. I tinkered a little in photoshop, resizing and increasing lightness and contrast in order to give the most distinct edge I could get. I printed the picture and went over my edge with a fine black pen, adding in things like his collar, shoulder curve and bottom line.
I used drafting tape to very carefully stick the print onto the brown paper and started cutting using my tiny virtually unused embroidery scissors. Piece of cake. I even used supplies from my stash (for someone who does not "scrapbook" I sure have a lot of paper here).


Alarming Female said...

that is just lovely

Heather Joins the Round said...

I love how you've done the details like the hair sticking up!

I, too, seem to own a lot of paper for someone who doesn't scrapbook.

Kara said...

Oh i love it! What a sweet silhouette. I really love how it is mounted and framed too!