Saturday, May 05, 2007


Making a fabric yo-yo takes more finesse than I expected.

At least, that is what I'm going to tell myself as my first one turned out less tightly gathered in the middle and more of a gaping but very evenly puckered, well, hole. Really, it can not be gathered any tighter without a pair of vice grip pliers and stronger thread than I used. And that still wouldn't make it turn out.

While cleaning out the craft room tonight I started thinking how cool it might be to make a few yo-yos out of the leftover fabric I've used for various projects, and in a million years or so I could have enough to stitch together in a really cool wall hanging (There is almost no chance of ever covering my king-sized bed in tiny fabric circles. Maybe if both my legs were broken.)
My last week has been lots of gardening, running in sprinklers and sewing. I've finished a pair of black capris and blue shorts but still need to photograph them (I'm not much of a model and Lawyerboy isn't much of a photographer). Tonight I cut out the fabric for a blouse from a pattern I bought probably 10 years ago (hurray for stashes!). Hopefully it will turn out as cute and useful as the capris and shorts, which I've been switching between nearly every day.
I harvested my first vegetable today, one cute and delicious radish. There are easily twenty tomatoes on my vines but they are taking there sweet time ripening and I had to buy another crappy store tomato for our salad tonight. Luckily the radish was there to offer some actual flavor. In another week I should have a couple crookneck squash, yum.


Katherine Of It All said...

Jeez, that FL weather must be great for gardening. Congratulations on the first harvest of the season!

Heather Joins The Round said...

Nice radish!